Golf and Christmas – The Perfect Gifts for a Golfer



Wondering what to get your golfer for Christmas? Well Golf is a sport where it doesn’t hurt to have anything and everything. The best gift to give a golfer is golf balls. Golfers always need golf balls! Another gift would be clothes. It is weird getting people clothes for Christmas (at least it is for me) but a golfer can always look good. My dad always taught me that if I can’t play good, I have to at least look good doing it. We all know he looked good in the trees! Just kidding Pops. Maybe some nice new golf shoes are even better. I know mine are getting worn out, so mom if you’re reading this then you might want to run to Golfsmith! Anyways, be good to your golfer and I’m sure they will enjoy everything you get them!

No More Media Class…


Yes, it’s that time of year again for finals to kick in. That being said, there will be no more of my media class, but no worries I will be updating this blog as much as I can. My media class might have ended but this blog won’t. Besides, if it wasn’t for my media class I would never have started this blog! There should still be plenty of updates on the game of golf and plenty more projects being posted on here! Thanks for all who have followed me these past couple of months. Stay tuned for more posts! Peace Out!

College Kid’s Video!

This is the debut of College Kid’s Golf Blog video! I recently put a bunch of clips of me golfing and edited them to make it look some what decent! It’s not a professional’s work but it’s the start of becoming one! Hopefully this won’t be the last video I ever make, and if I do continue to make more I will include them on this blog. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only three days away. I know it’s hard to believe and that just means Christmas is right around the corner. I am blogging today about what I am thankful for in the communication design world. First off I want to say I am thankful for my family who support every decision I make in my steps to becoming a graphic designer. Without them I wouldn’t know where I would be. Second, I am thankful for Schreiner University for teaching me the ways of becoming a successful communication designer. But what am I really thankful for in communication design? I am really thankful for the ways I can express myself. I do always talk about golf so its just another way for me to get even closer to the game without talking. I am thankful I can take pictures of whatever I want and turn it into a boring picture into an interesting one with a click of a button. I don’t know what I would be thankful for if I majored in something like business or pyschology or even political science, since I’m not good with numbers, people’s minds, or even politics. So what I’m really trying to say is I am thankful for communication design in ways to express myself on a daily basis.



Color is a very powerful thing. It can turn any artwork from good to bad, and it can also be pleasing to the eye or annoying to the eye. The first picture on the left isn’t a good use of color. It is literally annoying to the eye. There are way too many colors to focus on. My advice is to stick to a total of two colors and if you need three then make 100% sure it looks good. The picture on the right really flows. The white brings out the purity of the room and the red brings out the intensity. Both colors don’t consume the other, not to mention it will be my future living room in about 5 years!

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My Halloween Night

Halloween isn’t necessarily my favorite holiday, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I dressed up for the night out in search foor candy. As you can tell, my halloween night in 2012 wasn’t much of a change. It all started with going to the diner after some I finished some of my homework early where I was greeted by this weird looking food monster (the top picture). After the diner it was a scary evening of Pawn Stars were I was actually freaked out by how much people want for useless items. So overall my halloween night was very boring but then again, it was just another Wednesday night…

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Type Foundry and Font

As a kid, I loved the Star Wars series! I always dreamed of becoming a jedi but after some years of growing up I realized it wasn’t possible and yes it was a sad day for me. All in all I loved everything about Star Wars, and as I am becoming a graphic designer I have realized how the font of the title actual goes with the movie. It does look very futuristic in my eyes and it isn’t hard to read unlike some fonts you can find on the website. I found this font on where you can generate a few letters and symbols to see if it’s what you wanted. I now know where to go if I need some Star Wars font just in case I have a project that causes me to use this. Wise one yoda says…

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Eric Gill – Favorite Typographer

Eric Gill is by far one of my favorite typographers by far, because of one of my favorite fonts which would be Gill Sans. I enjoy looking at this classic roman like font and it reminds me of elementary school when they had the alphabet on the chalk board. That alphabet looks like Gill Sans to me, though it might not be exactly it. He designed the classic type of font but he alsdo designed a different type of font call Perpetua. This is more of a fancier type of roman font, kind of like Times New Roman. This font is what i would use for a formal document like a brochure used at a banquet or so. He comes up with classic fonts, nothing to crazy and confusing to look at. He’s plain and simple, you can actually read what he designed which is why he is one of my favorites.

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Typography Design

I really like this typography design because of the creativity. Sure the font may seem a little boring and the image may seem confusing on paper, but when they put it in a certain place like above where the tile reflects the letters, it turns it into a more exciting piece. It seems like such a easy design with the reflections of the tile but it’s funny that you never really see this so it must not be very easy to come up with. It’s my favorite design because they go out of the ordinary in typography and shows people that it isn’t just about letters on a piece of paper, but more of a tool that designers use to get your attention.

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Favorite Graphic Designer

As weird as it may sounds, my favorite graphic designer is only a few years older than me and he is also on my golf team. Kelby Ruiz’s work always catches my attention. I look up to the guy when it comes to graphic design work. He always has great ideas, and always helps me with my work. He gives me great feedback on my work. I hope that I can help other graphic designers like he helps me. He has designed a word press blog like my own here and has actually turned it into his very own website. Above is one of his artworks. It was his cover photo on his Facebook page promoting his website. If you want to check his website out it, the link is I recommend everyone to check it out. Kelby always comes up with great ideas and forms them together like I’ve never seen before. He truly is my favortie graphic designer.

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